We are importers and wholesalers of gardening products. Our assortment includes seeds, onion sets, flower bulbs, substrates, fertilizers, sprays, sprayers, pots, gardening tools and other sorts of goods, not only from European producers. We understand regular and prompt distribution to be an essential part of the service we offer to all our customers, delivery thus is free of charge. End consumers, who like our assortment, can purchase it in our retail store or in the wide network of our wholesale customers all around Slovakia.

We have through a successful season. Since spring, the weather has been very good and the season finished by very generous autumn bringing abundant harvest.

So we would like to express to you OUR THANKS for cooperation and confidence showed by you in this season. Great improvement of our cooperation was also the distribution plan according to which we could maintain the warehouse supplies and eliminate or completely reduce the goods shortages. We constantly work to make the company name Aquaseed the synonym to high quality services. It is for us the matter of course to manage the selection of cost – effective goods with a high quality which you had the chance to see for yourself.

Every year we prepare news for example very modern assortment of ceramic SCHEURICH flower-pots of extraordinary shapes, colours and models in top-quality for excellent prices. Also, we put wide assortment of top-quality garden gloves of ROSTAING brand and plastic material watering cans in bright colours. At the same time, we enlarge our assortment by top-quality garden hoses in really excellent prices. Even our assortment of manures and colourful splits will be enlarged by product of well-known German producer, TERRASAN. So prepared we can strat new season.

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Dear custumer, we have prepared for you and your garden NEWS garden curb. Garden curbs find their application in every garden. Very simple and aesthetically grass area separated from the beds.
22.06.2011 10:56
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